“A little book about subscription business” is written for both start-up and established companies. Each year we meet a lot of companies who all want to change their business model to subscription.

Meeting and working with so many different types of businesses enables us to identify patterns in the challenges that most people experience about building and running a subscription business.

We have made “A little book about subscription business” to provide general information on how to build a subscription business. Regardless of your industry, we address some of the most common challenges specific to developing a successful subscription business. We hope you with the book get new knowledge and inspiration that you can use in your further work on building your subscription business. The book is not a complete manual for all the steps and elements that are in play when building a subscription business, but a quicker insight into which areas you should focus on.

Should you after reading “A little book about subscription business” have need for advice or consulting on how to develop your subscription business you are welcome to write at ssj@thesubscribers.dk.


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